About Me

Welcome to Sugar.Betty! I'm a simple girl who loves to cook! I'm a wife to Cale and mother to Bean. I am constantly juggling home management,  church involvement, volunteering in the community and many other things. My son has some dietary restricitions so you may see the occasional post on wheat-free (not necessarily gluten free), thickened "green" smoothies and other "different" recipes.

Most importantly I love Food. I love to eat it, talk about it and create it. I have a desire to create good food for the people I love. This is where I will keep track of my recipes and share my favorite recipes from simple to gourmet and healthy to not-so-healthy.

I love eating and feeding my family healthy foods. I try to keep an 80/20 approach. I cook and eat healthy foods 80% of the time and accomodate my sweet teeth the other 20%. Hopefully, you can join me on the journey of trying new recipes and feeding my family one recipe at a time.