Green Drinks / Smoothies / Thickened Fluids

My journey toward a healthier lifestyle...

         My little boy, 'Bean', was diagnosed 3+ years ago with aspiration of thin fluids. That means, instead of swallowing fluids he was inhaling some of the fluid into his lungs. Which, in easy to understand NOT good! The doctors told me I needed to begin to thicken his fluids (all his drinks, popsicles, soup) immediately. They gave me a prescription and I began to add the powder to all of Bean's fluids. But, the prescription was expensive and I didn't like all the artificial ingredients in the powder. I began brainstorming ways to thicken fluids. I knew I couldn't use ice cream or ice, because those items only keep fluids thick when frozen, but melt to thin fluids at room temperature. After a lot of brainstorming and trial and error. I found that fruits and vegetables with a minimal amount of liquid, gave me the desired thickness for my son. 
        I'm proud to say that Bean has been drinking thickened fluids, prescription free, for three (3) years now. I love helping him using natural ingredients. Hopefully, as I begin to record some of my "recipes" others will be able to help their loved ones become healthier as well.

      Note: these smoothies are wonderful for anyone, not just people that aspirate thin fluids. Ice melts and thins the smoothie, for that reason alone I don't add any additional ice. Please add ice to any smoothie recipe below if you want a colder smoothie and viscosity is not an issue. 

'Green' Drinks
Basic Green Drink (Mango Spinach Smoothie)
Berry Spinach Smoothie
Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie
Green Elixir
Mango Peach Passion
Orange Carrot Mango Smoothie
Pumpkin, Protein Smoothie
Strawberry, Beet, Cranberry and Pomegranate

Banana Split Protein Smoothie

Non-Thickened Drinks
Cucumber Lime Cooler
Strawberry Lemonade
Vanilla Bean Egg Cream