May 17, 2011

Chilled Strawberry Soup

        Fruit Soup? Whoever heard of such a thing?

    Once you try this soup you will want it all warm-weather long. This soup is cold and creamy and sweet. This is a very simple recipe to make and most people really enjoy it. It is perfectly refreshing and a light addition to any brunch or first course for a summer lunch. This soup would make a great addition to a tea party. You may even reach new star status with your friends and/or your children.
    Strawberries kick off the warm weather season. The sweet taste and bright color lifts the spirit and thrills the taste buds…reminding us of happy times. If you are a strawberry fan and have never tried strawberry soup, NOW is the time.   I make this soup with plain yogurt, however, Cale finds it too tart. He prefers it with a ratio of 1plain yogurt:2 strawberry yogurts. Feel free to make your own call.

Chilled Strawberry Soup
from my friend Heather Koelliker

serves 4-6

1 cup apple juice
1 cup water, divided
2/3 cup sugar (or less depending on the sweetness of your berries)
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8teaspoon ground cloves
2 cups fresh sliced strawberries
3 small cartons of yogurt (plain, vanilla or strawberry)
Additional strawberry slices, for garnish

In a sauce pan combine apple juice, ¾ cup of the water, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Bring these to a boil over medium heat. Remove from heat and cool.

Place strawberries, ¼ cup water and yogurt in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add cooled apple juice mixture and strawberry/yogurt mixture and stir well.

Cover and refrigerate until well chilled. Garnish with additional strawberry halves or slices if desired. I also dollop a little mascarpone cheese in the middle, just for fun.


Iron Jayhawk said...

Out of curiosity, how much does this recipe yield?

Heather said...

Oops. Between 4-6 servings depending on the size of the bowl.