Apr 23, 2011

Strawberry, Beet, Pomegranate and Cranberry Smoothie

    This is one bright pink smoothie. If you know someone that likes the color pink, make this smoothie for them today. Do not be scared by the B word in the title. You won't taste them. In fact, if you roast the beets, instead of steam them they will add even more sweetness to this smoothie.
    Most of the time, I don't have pomegranate juice and unsweetened cranberry juice in my refrigerator at the same time. If you find yourself in this predicament, substitute. Often I substitute 1 cup pomegranate juice and this smoothie is sweet enough that I don't add the honey. However, if you use all unsweetened cranberry juice (I found mine a Trader Joe's) you will definitely need the honey. The unsweetened pure cranberry juice is TARRRT. I love it, but it really has a kick. The greatest part about this smoothie is the antioxidants. It is loaded with them. I feel so good about fueling my system with cancer-fighting foods. It also helps to keep your urinary tract healthy and working well.

Strawberry, Beet, Pomegranate and Cranberry Smoothie
1/2 cup 100% cranberry juice, chilled (unsweetened)
1/2 cup 100% pomegranate juice, chilled
1/4 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
1-3 smallish beets, steamed or roasted
1/3 cup frozen strawberries
2 teaspoons honey or agave
2/3 cup ice (I exclude this for a thicker smoothie)

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. This may take 1-2 minutes depending on your blender. Add more juice for a thinner consistency.

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