Apr 20, 2011

Multi-Grain Flour - Wheat Free

       I've had a few questions about the flour I use on a daily basis. Bean and I have a sensitivity to wheat. I do not have Celiacs disease, but Bean is being tested. I try to avoid extra wheat whenever possible. That being said, I LOVE to bake. Most of the things I bake I end up giving away so I usually use regular wheat/All-purpose flour, but on a daily basis I use my own grain blend. This blend works whenever all-purpose flour is called for. It is a little more nutty tasting and the quinoa and amaranth give it a slightly stronger flavor. If you dislike those grains you can always omit them. This flour does have gluten in it. I have another grain blend that is gluten free, but this one has some gluten. It is only a small amount, but it is still there. I have two more grain blends (one that is gluten free) that I grind into flour and I will try to take pictures and post the recipes here in the future. 
     It is so assuring that Bean is getting additional fiber and protein in different foods all day long. Because this blend includes amaranth, millet and quinoa it has a lot more fiber and a ton more protein than regular all-purpose and even whole wheat flour. You can use this flour by itself or combine it with 1/2 all-purpose or whole wheat. I use this flour blend in my waffles and pancakes a lot. The only difference I have noticed is that I have to add a little more, whole-grain flour, than is called for in the recipe. In order to make my waffle and pancake batter thick enough I use an extra 2 tablespoons-1/4 cup/per cup of AP flour in the recipes. However, I would not use it to make a homemade cake because I feel it doesn't have the same structure properties needed to give the cake an appetizing crumb.

Grain Mixture
3 cups spelt
1 cups Kamut
1/2 cup rice (brown, sweet brown, white)
1/2 oat groats
1/3 cup amaranth
1/3 cup millet
1/3 cup quinoa

Mix grains together on a large sheet pan or bowl and then grind in a grain grinder. I usually grind this mix on fine-medium. I don't want it as course as corn meal, because I use it when AP flour is called for.

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